Dining Room Visitor Guielines

September 20, 2022

Dear Families: Our goal in the dining room is to provide a pleasant place where our students can talk and enjoy lunch in an orderly and mannerly environment. During the first two weeks of school, we are teaching dining room procedures and expectations to the students. Visitors are welcome to join their students for lunch after the first two weeks of school. For parent and student safety, visitors are not permitted during poor outdoor weather conditions.

Please help us by honoring the following procedures:

• Check-in at the main office and get a visitor’s sticker prior to lunch. This is required for the safety of all. Your name should be listed on the emergency card and you will need to provide a picture ID when you sign in. The administration may approve other visitors not listed on the emergency card at the request of parents/guardians. School volunteers having lunch with their child must also sign in at the front office.

• Please be sure that your visitor’s sticker is visible for staff members. If you are not wearing a visitor’s sticker, you will be asked to return to the main office.

• Please meet your child at the designated eating area outside of the dining room, unless directed to do otherwise. Our campus restaurant team creates freshly prepared meals for students and visitors which are available for purchase.

• Classmates may not join you and your child for lunch. Students may not leave the campus designated areas for lunch. Older or younger siblings visiting for lunch must follow safe dining procedures.

• After the lunch period, please return to the office to sign out.

• Lunch is a time for students to develop friendships and independence. Therefore, please allow them this time to socialize with their peers by limiting your lunch visits.